Happy Holi!!!

At the beginning of March this year Nepal celebrated Holi, the festival of colours, and luckily for us we were there to join in. Celebrated across the Indian subcontinent, it’s a festival to welcome the beginning of spring and the end of winter, and to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

Come the morning of March 1st I had purchased some Holi T-shirts, oiled our hair and skin with coconut oil, and rigged up a makeshift camera protector with a thick plastic bag and a few elastic bands. We were ready.

So fresh, so clean.

We thought we’d prepped the kids for what to expect. They were excited, they seemed totally into it. Until we actually stepped outside. Suddenly they were freaking out at the idea of somebody touching them or smearing coloured powder on their faces. They hid behind us, clinging to our legs. When some well-meaning people gently wiped some colour on them, they both shrieked and ran away crying as they tried to wipe the powder away. Like, what the fuck kids? We totally told you this was exactly what was going to happen. You seemed fine with the idea. What the hell was going on???? They did not want to go home, but they also didn’t want anyone to come near them with powder. Ummm, not really possible kiddos.

It wasn’t love at first, and yes those are his swimming goggles.

We ducked into a hole-in-the-wall bakery and had lunch. We bought some powder and let the kids decorate us while we waited for food. Slowly, oh so slowly, they let us put some on them. We showed them how friendly everyone was being, how gentle people were. We promised to buy them water-guns. Eventually they chilled out about it and we didn’t have to go hide inside all day during our first ever Holi Festival. Phew.

Not freaking out. Progress!
Posing for a photo for a local police officer.

And once they were into it, they were into it.




There was music in the air, dancing in the street, lots of smiling faces, and whole lot of colour.




Not even the dogs were safe. Ben & Chloe called them “Holi Dogs”

The kids were a hit and everyone who passed by anointed them with colour, wishing them a “happy Holi!” as they did so. And Ben was grabbed for a few selfies, as per usual.



At least two of them are having fun, right?

We ran into friends, got colourfully dirty and wet, and had a great time! If you ever get the chance to join in a Holi Festival – Do it!

I think she’s enjoying herself.
Ben and Sunita
With Ganga & Ailsa (left) and Vicky (right) at The Third Eye






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