Hi There

So, I’m starting this blog. Be pre-warned: It’ll be a weird, random, eclectic collection of posts. Because that’s what I’m like. Isn’t everyone? I’m not going to compartmentalise myself. You get it all, take it or leave it.  

Some things to know about me:

I’m Canadian and I live in Edinburgh. I love to travel. From September my husband and I and our two kids will be doing a LOT of travelling, so look forward to lots of wanderlust-inducing blog posts.

I just turned 37 years old. A part of me thinks that 37 feels uncomfortably close to 40, but most of me doesn’t really care. I was surprised when I realised this.

I keep toying with the idea of shaving my head. My husband is not keen on the idea. Neither is my Mother. Neither is my 6 year old daughter, for that matter. We’ll see.

I have two tattoos. Hand-poked Sak Yants to be precise. I scoff at homeopathy and alternative medicine, but a magical tattoo that provides protection and imbues the wearer with desirable attributes? Sign me up!

I’m a photographer. I’m in a creative rut at the moment but I’m working through it. I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to other photographers and finding myself lacking. I crave/need external validation for my work to feel worthy. Hey, at least I’m aware of it, right?

I’m on medication for depression. I’m much happier with them in my life at the moment, and I’m sure everyone around me is too. Living life better through drugs.

I’m WAY into skincare and on a quest to find a Holy Grail of foundation. I’m possibly bordering on obsessive about this but I can’t decide it that’s actually a problem. For the time being I’ll keep my 10-step skincare routine and continue collecting foundation samples every time I go to the department store.

My follow through sucks. I’m great on inspiration, I have plenty of ideas. Loads of enthusiasm when starting a project. But sticking with something has not proven to be my strong suit in these latter years. Look, I’m gonna try my best with this blog, but I’m not making any promises…


All content including images © Leigh Eros 2017. Do not reproduce without permission.

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