On Our Way…

We are officially travelling! We left Edinburgh yesterday morning for our journey down to London. We had a tumultuous start to the day when Ben discovered that McDonald’s does not do Happy Meals on the Breakfast Menu. Scream-sobbing ensued and he was quickly whisked back home – luckily we live a 2 minute walk away – where I produced some PB&J sandwiches. Of course, when he and I returned to McDonald’s, suddenly the pancakes with fake-ple syrup that Chloe was eating didn’t look so bad… Stomachs full, we set off down South.


Sushi for lunch – she’s a more adventurous eater than I am!

What can I say?  It was a long day of driving through torrential rain, sucking back coffee and stopping for re-fueling – both automotive and human. At 8 pm, 10 hours after we left, we pulled into the drive at Old Orchard and settled into some takeaway from Mr Chong’s before settling into our beds.

Today has been a chill-out day and tomorrow the real fun begins. We’ll be catching a 9:35pm EVA Air flight direct to Bangkok, and I can’t wait to feel the familiar blast of heat that welcomes me to Thailand as I walk off the airplane.

So follow our adventures here on the blog, and I’ll also be attempting to keep my Instagram (@leighbc) updated with pics and videos so keep an eye out for us there too! Let’s do this!


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3 thoughts on “On Our Way…

  1. Can’t believe you’re on your way darlin. So much lies ahead! Look forward to reading all about your adventures and seeing your amazing pics. Hey, maybe I’ll even get on Instagram!! Love ❤️❤️❤️ and big hugs 🤗 🤗🤗 to you all. Xoxo 😘 😘😘
    And very belated Happy Anniversary to you and Alex. Thought about you while we were at the cottage on the long weekend but it was too late in the day to call, then I promptly forgot about it the next day! You were probably too busy getting organized and packed to even celebrate. Safe travels.


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